22 August 2016

Top 10 Athletes in Rio Olympics 2016

Here we go, the 10 athletes who grabbed the most medals in Olympics Games 2016, Rio de Janeiro. They are Phelps, Ledecky, Biles, Hosszu, Bolt, Kenny, Kozak, Murphy, Manuel, and Dirado. These guys are beyond ordinary men.

15 April 2016

Edible Cutlery, what on earth is this?

Well, for some this terms has been known for a while. But, for the most of us this is not an everyday thing that we know. Eating your spoon and fork after finish eating? Well, that sounds okay though. This is one of the effort made by a very optimistic Indian guy who form Bogey, a start up to make edible cutlery. The final aim is to discard plastics cutlery and save the earth. Enjoy the video.

KAISR, an ultra portable air lounge

A great idea does not have to be packed with technology or very far-sighted. The bottom line is that it has to be built from our need. That is exactly what the KAISR portable air lounge is all about. You travel very far away to get to the best place on earth, the most beautiful one. But you cannot enjoy the surrounding because you do not bring your favorite lazy chair at home. KAISR addresses that, nail it down to the core. Enjoy the video, and support their project.

14 April 2016

Funny picture of animals assisting each other

Kandy Sri Lanka, three toque macaques (Macaca Sinica) in a row on a bamboo trunk cooperating with delousing.

Turkey 2016 Tulip Festival

A woman takes a photograph of blooming tulips on display in the Sultanahmet district on April13, 2016 in Istanbul, Turkey. Every April Istanbul celebrates the coming of spring with the annual Tulip Festival, now in it's 10th year. Parks and gardens all across Istanbul come alive with the flowers bright colors attracting tourists and local visitors.